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BORANG is a platform that easily and organized for developing systems and databases. BORANG is a system for forms builder, department access role builder, and workflow process builder using online services besides generating reports automatically and systematically.

BORANG makes it easy for you to generate various types of forms by using the simple 'Drag' and 'Drop' functions without coding.

BORANG makes it easy for you to set up each role (Director, Officer, Clerk, etc.) and access by division (Administration, Finance, IT, etc.) in the organization by using the simple 'Turn' and 'Off' button functions without coding.

Example: You can set up only the Director of the IT department who can see all the forms and status of the generated forms.

BORANG makes it easy for you to create workflow processes (validate, check, approve, reject, etc.) follow the requirement and specification of each system (online form) that has been generated using the available field functions that easy without coding.

Example: The user applies hall booking using 'Booking System' (form) that you have developed. The application will be sent to officer-1 for confirmation, then sent to officer-2 for approval or rejection. After that, the user received application status either a message or an official letter. All workflow processes are online including notifications.

It can be said that daily management in organizations we interact with others using forms that have a workflow process for each form. BORANG is the solution for all organizations that want to change management from manual to more systematic and efficient. With BORANG, all management and workflow processes in the organization can be synchronized and data can be stored in one database.

Apart from the price, we only limit the number of forms that can be generated (publish status) and the number of administrators for each plan offered. That means there is unlimited user, unlimited form submission, unlimited template, unlimited data storage, and unlimited access to BORANG settings. Can refer to our price plan.

If you subscribe to one of the BORANG pricing plans, you can download the BORANG app on the Apple Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) without extra cost. However, we also provide additional services if you want to custom the app to follow your organization requirements.

Of course. You need to set the data configuration and integration settings via the BORANG API and Webhook with the existing database. For example, staff profile data can be imported directly into the BORANG without re-entering the data one by one.

Of course. We developed BORANG with the ready API to make it easy to integrate with other systems.

We recommend using the Maria DB or MySQL database. However, the BORANG can be integrated with any existing database.

The price plan we offer is for installation BORANG in our Cloud only. However, we also provide additional services for installation on your own premises or cloud. Please contact us to find out your organization's specification requirements to make it easier for us to provide a quotation.

Please contact us if your organization needs a demo for BORANG. We are ready to present and show you how to use BORANG before we create a demo account BORANG for your organization.