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Aidan Technologies is a world-class digital agency based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, that knows about the challenges the digital revolution poses for your business or organization.We work together with you to turn these challenges into opportunities and develop cutting-edge digital solutions that are tailored to you.We began as a small digital firm, and that passion for design continues to define us today.We believe the best interactive experiences come from the sweet harmony of smart design thinking and innovative use of technology. Our work has proved that correct, time and again. Aidan Technologies is subsidiary of Aidan Group of Companies.


What is BORANG?

BORANG is an online form technology method. This method of technology is a great way to gather information from users who visit and use your web pages.
This online form is also efficient as it can reduce the use of paper and analysis is very easy to do. You will also get the results of the analysis quickly and accurately.
By using BORANG, you can create online polls, online surveys, and each time the information entered by the user will be automatically stored in the database.


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